Stop Using BMI as the Golden Standard of Health

I’m sure most people are familiar with BMI, Body Mass Index. It’s simply weight divided by height, a ratio, which you compare to a table. Unfortunately, it’s does not accurately describe how good one looks on the outside, which pretty much the point of losing weight. Why is it not accurate? It’s because muscle is denser than fat! In other words, muscle takes up less volume.

Less volume = less space = tighter looking body

Well, that’s the scientific explanation. Let’s take a look at a diagram…

Fat vs Muscle

Again, BMI can’t determine how good you LOOK. Hence, what one should really care about then, is % body fat. The picture below demonstrates that idea.

BMI is often used because it’s easily measurable in one’s household. % body fat on the other hand will require equipment and expertise. Check out this article for one of those methods.

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